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How We Started


The idea of ForeWellness was born junior year of college after successfully launching a personal training service called "ForeMinded Fitness". This allowed me a way to help people reach goals. It was during this time I found my purpose in life.

Helping people improve physically, and thus mentally, through engaging in properly understood human movement

It was simple, yet revolutionary. My clients could agree and it was the start of something that would grow into something big. 

Fast forward 5 years later...

After graduating Physical Therapy school and working for a big corporation, I saw the need for something like ForeMinded Fitness in physical therapy. Clients were not getting the quality time or attention needed. Rushed sessions, 5 patients crammed into 1 hour, LOW quality therapy with a technician or assistant.

Ask yourself .... What are you even paying for?

Is it worth your time? 

This was not going to cut it.

I realized my personal services were needed and I quit my day job at the "PT mills" and "conveyer belt clinics" to bring you REAL therapy. 


Ask a customer... "You have no idea how your help gave me so much hope in my future. You are a very gifted young man."
- Patient who sustained major stroke.

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